Male Whore Cast in X-Oasis!



X-Oasis, a VR brothel where you can play with your smartphone, offers a magical virtual space to satisfy your various sexual curiosities.

From a BL experience where customers themselves use male avatars to a sweet and flirty princess experience. You can also bring your desire to be a Cinderella into the store.

Our cast members will not only be open to the physical gender of the customer, but will also face the essential demands of sexuality without making service assumptions about whether a customer is a man or a woman.


On Saturday, July 30, we will open our cast page on our website, where you will be able to make reservations for three male prostitute cast members with rich personalities.


About X-Oasis, a VR brothel where you can play with your smartphone


X-Oasis (Cross Oasis) is a sexual service provider that offers interactive 40-minute online video calls with cast members (prostitute VTubers/man-whore VTubers) who operate avatars as they are in their physical bodies through VR equipment.
No expensive VR equipment or high-performance PC is required on the customer side, and the service can be used from a PC or smartphone (Android / iPhone).

Online VR is a service that allows you to experience not only the full-screen display, but also a visual VR experience where the cast appears before your eyes by using commercially available smartphone VR goggles for around ¥2000 and your own smartphone.

Basic Fee Table

Adult Free Talk Plan

40 minutes

From 3300 yen

Virtual Sex Plan

40 minutes

From 6600 yen

Virtual adult entertainment + cast side remote control toy attachment Plan

Cast Member

40 minutes

From 11000 yen

All plans, including world, costume and free checkers. Included in the basic fee Payment method Credit card (VISA, Master)