What is VR sex?

[An eerie, dreamlike experience with a cast of 3D characters for 40 minutes]

This R-18 service allows you to talk for 40 minutes with a professional cast of 3D avatars who appear on your phone or PC.

Because we are a sex store in a VR world, the plays you can do are endless ......! We can make your virtual sex experience come true.

By using the separately sold VR goggles for your smartphone, you can immerse yourself in the same space as the cast members and have sex with them!

Compatible models
◆VR mode ⇒ Smartphone + smartphone-insertable VR goggles
◆VR mode ⇒ Smartphone + smartphone-insertable VR goggles
◆Plane mode ⇒ PC (Windows), Smartphone (iPhone/Android)
Supported models
. . . 3,300 yen4,400 yen6,600 yen6,600 yen7,700 yen9,900 yenIndividual fee depending on the cast
Included basic service fee (40 minutes)
Adult Free Talk
Virtual entertainment
6,600 yen
Virtual entertainment
Virtual Sex Services + Remote Toy Operation

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